Edition based product packaging

There is no change to the KeepTool editions, our tools can be licensed as either

Up to KeepTool 12, a KeepTool Enterprise license had been issued as a bundle of

KeepTool 14 now comes with a package structure that identically match the editions. Concurrency of tools on a network is managed on a subordinate product item structure composed of our tools, as you can see in the WebAdmin tool:

WebAdmin: 6 licenses KeepTool Enterprise with Hora, Reverse DB and DB Compare in use

We will provide a process that automatically converts existing KeepTool 12 licenses into the new product item structure as part of our maintenance program.

Licensing and Maintenance

All tools come with a fully functional 30-day trial period. For unlimited use, you can purchase a full license including 1 year of maintenance. Either way, you get:
Professional Edition

All licenses are available either as network or workstation license and are managed through WIBU Codemeter.   


Prices listed below are valid as of release date of version 14:

Professional Edition

Enterprise Edition

VAT will be added to all prices.

Value Added Tax will be added to all orders from EU countries if no tax ID number is supplied.

The prices for a single workstation license and a floating network license seat are identical.

Relaunch of the website

We want to keep our Website as clear and user-friendly as our tools. Therefore, we double-checked the content as well as look-and-feel and handling. We hope, the result will add up to our success story and you find information and solutions more comprehensibly.

Release Notes KeepTool 14

New features described in this newsletter cover only a small selection of the KeepTool 14 enhancements. See our release notes for a complete list of changes. We will follow up with an in-depth report of more new features in our next newsletter.

Your feedback is welcome

First of all, we want to express our heartful thanks for all your feedback given in the past. That helped us much to enrich our tools with functionality and improve quality as well. For future developments we want to encourage you to keep going on with giving us your feedback – either positive or negative – in order to follow up with our principle to implement functionality that helps our customers to speed-up their own work processes. With the help of our user community we are looking forward to keep going in great leaps into the next future.

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© 2018 KeepTool GmbH
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